THE FIFTH LINE offers a dynamic selection of classes and private lessons. Our expertise in Pilates, Gyrotonic©, TRX or Alexander Technique™ will help you attain your personal fitness best.  



The Pilates Tower workout helps build long, lean musculature and increases range of motion and unilateral movement by utilizing springs, push through bar, and pull down bar. A perfect option for beginners and students of all ages and experiences.  Build strength, flexibility, and muscular endurance. Check out our schedule page to see when the next class is!



This method is designed to increase range of motion, agility, and strength.  The circular motions on the machines promote joint articulation and help ease muscle tension.  The fluid movements, combined with energized breathing patterns, have the same benefits as an aerobic workout, but you’ll leave feeling as though you’ve had a massage. Check out our schedule page to see when the next class is!


Invented by Navy Seals, this unique blend of power and stability taps into your inner warrior and leveraged your own bodyweight. Suspended by straps, the workout combines cardio and muscle building that helps to build power, strength, flexibility, balance, mobility, and prevent injuries, all at the intensity you choose. All levels are welcome. Check out our schedule page to see when the next class is!



The Alexander Technique™ restores your body's balance and posture to it's natural state. By rebuilding how you walk, sit and laydown, you will re-engage with the world, and re-rember how it feels to be fully aligned. Check out our schedule page to sign up for a session!


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Under the guidance of founder Janine Flasschoen, private sessions are customized and tailored to your individual needs. Janine is meticulous in her attention to detail, form, and alignment that will help unlock the power, balance, and energy you already have. Check out our schedule page to sign up for a session!



Duets are a great way to combine the feedback of a private with the economy of a class. Paired with a friend or partner, Duets are fun, inspiring, and a great way to get in shape! Duets are available for Pilates, Gyro, TRX, and Alexander Technique. Check out our schedule page to sign up for a session!