A native of Kansas City, Janine was certified for Gyrotonic in 2003 and began teaching in the Kansas City area immediately thereafter.  She was introduced to this practice by her daughter in New York City, as a means to rehabilitate from back surgery in 2000. She quickly realized this supported system offered an effective approach to recovery. Regular practice maintained the health of her back, as well as provided vital overall physical conditioning.

In 2006, she opened The Fifth Line, one of Kansas City’s first Gyrotonic studios.  Among her clients were fitness enthusiasts, golf professionals, dancers and people seeking rehabilitation from injury. Janine hosted Kansas City’s first Gyrotonic teacher training course before moving to New York City and relocating The Fifth Line to Park Slope. She has now expanded the Studio to include Pilates, Yoga and the Alexander Technique™.

Ms. Flasschoen has been practicing and teaching Yoga for more than 15 years and has completed teacher trainings with David Swenson, Max Strom and Bhavani Maki. She has studied with Tim Miller, Beryl Bender Birch, Mark Blanchard, David Williams, Bryan Kest, Ana Forrest, Kim Schwartz, Rolf Gates among others.  In addition, she has completed a year of training in both The Alexander Technique at the Balance Arts Center in NYC and Pilates at The Kane School, also in NYC. She has also completed training in Gyrotonic applications for golf, physical therapy, and specialized Gyrotonic equipment.

Other certifications include Ease and Balance in a Chair from the Balance Arts Center. Before reopening The Fifth Line in Park Slope, Janine worked at several Gyrotonic and Pilates studios in the City and taught an Alexander Technique chair class for seniors at St. Margaret’s House in lower Manhattan. Ms. Flasschoen holds a BFA in dance from the University of Missouri’s Conservatory of Music in Kansas City. She is passionate about self-discovery and personal growth.'